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Data-driven decision management
  • Path Planning
    Path Planning

    First the Cameras Use Multi View Point Cloud Fusion to Capture the Surroundings. From This It Is Building A Complete 3D Model of the Environment. The Robot then Generates and Executes the Correct Path According to Wished Application.

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  • Deep Learning
    Deep Learning

    The Internal R&D is Based on A Large-scale Neural Network, Which Supports the Customization and Expansion of A Deep Learning Algorithm. It Uses Positive and Negative Examples for Training, and Automatically Detects and Recognizes the Shape, Pattern and Characteristics of the Physical World.

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  • Machine Vision
    Machine Vision

    Multi-Image, Multi-Angle, High Speed, High Stroboscopic, High Brightness Solution for Different Custom Products, Excellent Performance in Optical Imaging.

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  • China Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd.
  • China Aerospace Corporation
  • China Railway High-Speed
  • China Electronics Corporation
  • State Grid Corporation of China
  • China Tobacco
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Bayerische Motoren Werke
  • Audi Motor Company
  • Volkswagen
  • General Motors Corporation
  • Ford Motor Company
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CHN, Zhejiang. (Dec 10, 2019) –Aiming to help agricultural enterprise to create intelligent machinery, K2 Tech presents Precision Farming Software Solution, which can be integrated to your system. Our solutio...

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