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Needle Roller Appearance Defects Inspection Equipment
Product description

Automatic Inspection Equipment for Needle Roller Appearance Defects is especially for needle roller, integrating size measurement, filtering out oversize, appearance inspection into one, and it is the first 360 degree appearance inspection machine domestically. The machine is easy and fast to operate, with the minimum inspection diameter of 2mm, the maximum speed as of 20m/min. Through confirmation of many customers and detection of hundreds of million rollers, the database includes all kinds of defects, such as grinding marks, rusty marks, collapsed face, marks like a knife etc.
The inspection precision reaches 0.01mm.
And it could also be used for cylindrical pin industries, solving rough problems like false detection and missing detection during manual inspection, which helps customers save labor costs while improving the quality of production and increasing the market competitiveness of products.

Technical indicators

The main test items

Rolling surface of the wear and tear, knife and India, pitting / bad points, collapse, flat head, curved material / big abrasion, material injury / crack, work length measurement, end surface non-roundness measurement.

The largest checkable size


Detection speed

12-20 m / min

Equipment power


Optical resolution




Measurement accuracy


Detection of relative humidity


Mean time to failure

10000 hours

Check the ambient temperature


size and weight

Length 1600 × width 800 × height 1700 m / 100 kg

Scalable applications

Can complete the different size needle detection.
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