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Roller Appearance Defects Inspection Equipment
Product description

Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment for Roller Appearance Defects is a professional inspection machine for outer ring and both ends of rollers, which successfully broke through the dilemma between inspection angel and inspecting speed, achieving a 360 degree comprehensive detection. In addition, new chamfer detection, dent detection, multi-model configuration and other functions are added. Inspecting speed reaches 10,000pcs per hour, continuously working of 7*24 hours under a variety of environments.      

The equipment has a patent certificate, software copyright, on the basis of R&D of varieties of technology, obtaining First Domestic Hangzhou (sets) of Major Technology Equipment and Key Components of Product identification. Advanced detection technology makes the detection function more complete, friendly man-machine interface makes manual operation more convenient, covering hundreds of millions of roller defects' database makes testing data more accurate, Meanwhile advanced international inspection technology has come true.

Technical indicators
Test items External appearance defects

Underwear, abrasion, over grinding, cavity fleshy, convex head, cold pier injury, lack of material, crushing, rust, face not round and other defects.

Both ends of the appearance of defects

End wear, end wear, crushing, face cracks, end waste and other defects.

Examination range Diameter 5 ~ 30mm,
Length 10 ~ 50mm (shift detection)
Testing requirements Workpiece surface clean, no oil
Optical resolution 0.05mm Mean time to failure 10000H
Detection speed 10000 pieces / hour Equipment power 220V,50HZ
Power 2000w Equipment gas source 0.5~0.8MPa
size and weight 1.8m*0.8m*1.5m / 200kg System work environment temperature5℃to30℃;Humidity less than70。
Other features

1, real-time display detection status and the number of NG alarm.
2, the device software has long-range technical support function.

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