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Automatic Washing & Drying Machine for Bearing Rollers
Product description

Automatic Washing & Drying Machine for Bearing Rollers is used for washing and drying the outside circle & both ends of all kinds of rollers (tapered ,cylindrical ,spherical, ect.),which accomplish the roller feeding and sorting, completing the cleaning of roller outside circle in 360 degrees one by one. The speed reaches to 10000pcs/h, no secondary damage. It can be used to all kinds of water and oil cleaning detergent, no water logging after cleaning. Easy operation to change models, wide range of compatible size. It supports 7*24 hours interrupted operation in all kinds of surroundings.
This machine can be connected with the roller superfine machine at the front end and the automatic optical inspection machine at the back end, which can help customers to accomplish product in line, save labor cost, avoid the secondary damage problem caused by the transmitting, improve the quality and enhance the product competitiveness.

Technical indicators


It is used for roller online cleaning and drying. After drying, there is no obvious liquid mark on the roller surface, no water droplets on the roller surface, no white spots, black spots and other similar water and oil stains on the roller surface. And the roller surface will meet the requirement for optical inspection.


Ø 5~30mm,L 10~50mm



Equipment power


Inlet Height




Exit Height


Air Supply


Ambient Humidity


Ambient temperature

-5℃~ 40℃

size and weight

2.3 m*1.1 m*1.5m / 300KG

Other Function

1. The temperature of cleaning and drying can be adjusted; the temperature of the water tank is displayed in real time.
2. The equipment includes computer measurement software which have abnormal alarm function.

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