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Automatic Online Machine Vision Inspection Equipment
Product description
Automatic Online Inspection Equipment for Machine Vision is an inspection machine for appearance defects, which used to detect medium-large size workpieces, such as powder metallurgy parts, precision ceramic parts, precision stampings, electronic components, auto parts and so on. And common workpieces are like sprockets, stator, rotator, gear ring, clutch pressure plate, planet gear, valve seat and disk.

The main feature of this equipment is its large measuring range, and suitable for multi-type workpiece which diameter is 50mm ~ 300mm. And one equipment can fulfill missing-process detection, mixed-material detection and character identification of various workpiece; And the new function of the equipment includes auto-alarm for lacking of material and real-time display of workpiece appearance defects and detection status. In addition, good scalability and adaptability, according to the actual needs of customers extended to duplex or multi-position camera detection.

Technical indicators

Device function

Can achieve a variety of model defects in the appearance of the workpiece can be extended to a multi-station, the workpiece multi-face detection

Test items

Lack of material, collapse, pits, scratches, crushing, bump, marking errors, uneven grinding, dislocation, leakage, porous material, scraps, grind, rust, bore size

Examination range

Φ 50-300mm, H 5~30mm.

Testing requirements

Workpiece surface clean, no oil

Optical resolution

 0.05mm  Mean time to failure  10000 hour
 Detection speed  3600 ~ 7200 / hour  Equipment power  220V,50HZ
 Power  2000W  Equipment gas source  0.5MPa~0.8MPa
 Size/Weight  1.2m*0.9m*1.5m / 100Kg

System work environment

 temperature 5℃~30℃;
 Other features  1、Real-time display detection status and the number of NG alarm.
2、Device software with remote technical support.  
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