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Gear Apperance Defect Inspection Equipment
Product description

Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment for Gear Appearance Defects is especially used for inspecting gears, whose diameter is 10mm~30mm, such as small gears, helical gear and so on. It not only can detect appearance defects but also measure size. The machine is with high-degree automation and reliable performance, which approved by customers’ years of use.

Main features: First, high efficiency, the maximum speed of up to 7000 pcs/h; Second, easy to operate. Operators only need to place gears to be detected into the vibrating disk, the system will sort automatically. What’s more, add a storage bin is feasible on the basis of customers’ requirements. Third, intelligently blanking, when lacking of material in the vibrating disk, the storage bin will automatically blank to a certain position to reduce the frequency of feeding workpiece to prevent secondary damage; Fourth, adding alarming, which enables to display monitoring status and the quantity of rejects.

Technical indicators
Test items Cracks, chipping, missing teeth, burrs, sticky powder, size measurement and so on
Testing requirements Workpiece surface clean, no oil
Examination range Φ 10~30mm ,H 5~15mm
Optical resolution 0.03mm Mean time to failure 10000 hour
Detection speed 4000 Pieces / hour Equipment power 220V50HZ
Power 2000W Equipment gas source 0.5MPa0.8MPa
size and weight 2m*0.8m*1.5m / 150Kg
System work environment temperature5℃~30℃;humidity:<70%Rh
Other features Real-time display detection status and the number of NG alarm; lack of material alarm; support for remote debugging

Sticky powder




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