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Inspection Robot for Apperance Defect
Product description

Inspecting Robot for Appearance Defects is mainly used to detect automotive parts, castings, magnetic materials, precision ceramic parts, electronic components and other large-medium-size industrial parts, such as sprockets, gears, stators, rotators. Primary defects include chipping, less teeth, pore, cell and fissure and so on, which can identify English characters and Arabic numerals.

By adding a new industrial hand mechanism, it realizes: 1. Precise positioning, avoiding the phenomenon of missing inspection and secondary damage caused by positioning error; 2. The 360 degree multi-angle detection and lateral angle detection of the tooth part can solve the problem that traditional mechanisms cannot complete the difficulty of lateral detection. In addition, the equipment has excellent flexibility and adaptability, comparing with the traditional testing equipment, which can detect multi-type workpiece, and add checking stations in accordance with customers' actual demands.

Technical indicators
Test items Large gear and other large pieces of the collapse, less teeth, stoma, trachoma, cracks, character recognition.
Examination range Φ 75~115mm,Workpiece height range H5 ~ 40mm; characters no less than seven characters.
Optical resolution 0.05mm Testing requirements Workpiece surface clean, no oil
Detection accuracy 0.3mm Mean time to failure 10000 hours
Detection speed 360 to 600 / hour Equipment power 220V,50HZ
power 4000W Equipment gas source 0.5~0.8MPa
size and weight 2M*1.8M* 1.8M / 300KG System work environment

temperature5℃to30℃;Humidity less than70。

Other features Real-time display detection status and the number of NG alarm, lack of material alarm, support for remote debugging.
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