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Screw Thread Defect Inspection Equipment
Product description
Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment for Screw Thread Defect is a special automatic machine for screw thread, which used to detect industrial spare parts, such as powder metallurgy parts, auto parts, and electronic components. The invention of this equipment realizes the application of the machine substitution technology in the optical Inspection area and it replaces human eyes detection, solves the false detection, missing detection and other problem which happens during the manual inspection successfully.
The machine helps customers to improve the products’ production quality, market competitiveness and save labor cost as well. Also, this machine possesses preferable adaptability and flexibility; it can be used to detect different size of screw, completeness of the thread, number of the thread and other appearance defect. Besides, user friendly industrial touch screen interface is adopted for easy operation. User can monitor the production status with data management function.
Technical indicators
Test items Thread availability, leakage process, the number of thread detection, a thread can be seized 10 holes.
Examination range Diameter 70 ~ 120mm, height 50 ~ 20mm (by adjusting the optical system for a larger detection range)
Testing requirements Workpiece surface is uniform metallic color, keep the product clean, no grease.
Optical resolution 0.05mm Equipment power 220V;50HZ
Measurement accuracy 0.3mm Equipment gas source 0.5~0.8Mpa
Detection speed 1800 ~ 3600 / hour Check the ambient temperature 5℃~30℃
Mean time to failure 10000 hours Detection of relative humidity <80%
Other functions The device real-time display detection status and NG number alarm, the software has remote technical support capabilities.
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