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VVT/VCT Parts Appearance Defect Inspection Equipment
Product description

Automatic Optical Inspecting Machine for VVT/VCT parts Appearance Defects is used to detect VVT/VCT parts whose diameter is 65mm~110mm,such as sprockets, stators, rotators, cover plates, cam connectors, target wheels and so on. It can inspect chipping, crack and fissure; identify characters or marks, procedure missing.

Main features: First, excellent mechanical design, not only can avoid the secondary damage of the workpiece, but also can complete photography by different angels. And using high-precision linear scan camera to ensure the effect of outer and lateral inspection; Second, fast inspecting speed, high inspecting precision, stable inspecting performance and continuously work within 7*24 hours; Third, data statistics perfection, display the real-time quantity of inspection goods and different defects, which contributes to find problems for manufacturers and lower the rate of complaints

Technical indicators
Test items Detectable defects include: upper and lower face and side teeth defects; collapse, bump, cracks, etc .; character or mark identification, leakage processing
Examination range

Ø 65~110mm, H 15~30mm

Testing requirements

Workpiece surface clean, no oil
Detection accuracy Collapse, missing teeth: 0.3mm 
Crack: & gt; 0.1 * 1 mm
Optical resolution 0.05mm
Mean time to failure 10,000H Detection speed 600-900 pieces / hour
Equipment power 220V, 50HZ Power 2000W
size and weight 2m*0.8m*1.5m / 150kg

System work environment

Temperature: 5 ° C to 30 ° C Humidity: & lt; 70% RH
The main function
1, real-time display detection status and the number of NG alarm 2, the device has the number of detection statistics, defect type statistics, test data can be derived 3, the software has long-range technical support functions
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