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South Korea office of K2 Tech was formally established

August 12, 2016, Seoul, South Korea, the office was formally established. Although it was just an ordinary Friday, but it is a big day for Qogorier. 

With the rise of Asian manufacturing, the Asian market began to occupy a major share of the global manufacturing industry. No matter what is automobile manufacturing, medical &food or mobile phone accessories industries, the detecting demand for the appearance of the product and components greatly increase. However, due to the technical limitation, the Asian market is still in the stage of development in the field of detection. The unqualified products on a large scale in the market, not only cause a waste of costs for factories, but also get more complaints from consumers. 

Hangzhou K2 Tech Technology Co., Ltd, since founded, has been practicing her promise, which is made at the beginning of the establishment one by one step, Innovation Changes Life , offering the best quality products for the market. After several years of careful management, spoken highly of approval and won a series of honor in the domestic market, K2 Tech now is in the rank of the world’s high-end intelligent automation equipment manufacturers. The purpose of opening the South Korea office, first of all, is to import the advanced optical technology into the Asian market; second, is to serve local customers better; third is to propagate our own brand. 

After many years of accumulation and precipitation, K2 Tech deeply realizes that our own success is not a real success, only the success of customers will be. Adhering to the idea, K2 Tech will bring this ideal into the South Korea market, making foreign customers feel the power of Chinese high-end independent brand.

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