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Order for equipment Inspecting Robot for Appearance Defect poured forth

On 22nd April, an auto spare parts manufacturer (Germany own) signed purchasing contract about Inspecting Robot for Appearance Defects with us.

Inspecting Robot for Appearance Defect is our company key R & D in 2014, the equipment is used on middle-and-large sized spare parts, including auto spare parts, magnetic material, powder metallurgy parts, precision ceramic parts, electronic component, etc, for appearance defects, which has been fully verified in auto spare parts industry, and inspection items include engine sprocket, drive flange, transmission gear, etc. An industrial robotic arm is employed in the device, which compared to devices with traditional mechanical structure; our device is able to inspect more different models of workpiece to increase flexibility and adaptability.


Inspection Items

Chip, teeth shortage, stoma, tiny hole, crack, character.

Inspection Range

 75-115mm, workpiece height at H5~40mm;Character size not less than 5.5 



Mean Time To Failure


Detection Accuracy

0.3 mm



Optical Resolution

0.05 mm

Air Pressure





2m×1.8 m×1.8 m / 300kg

Work Environment

Ambient Temperature 5to30℃; Humidity less than 70

Other Characteristics

Real-time detection status on display, and quantity of NG products warning, shortage material warning, supports remote debugging.


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