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Qogori Tuankou Health SPA Trip

On 7th February, all employees of Qogori went to Zhongan SPA Resort Hotel at Linan for a night and two days vacation, at the same time, holding union annual meeting.

2014, a year of company development, and the stuff is busy whole year. Especially, with customer visiting and observing frequently in the New Year, and order increased rapidly, we expected that would be more busy year in 2015.Our vacation; main purpose are to reward the hard work of all staff, and let them get relaxation and rest, on the other hand, to promote mutual understanding between now and old employees, let the company more like a harmonious family to improve cohesion.

On 2pm 7th, February, all employees checked in hotel to have a break, and take a hot spring bath. All staff chatted to each other in the SPA pool. At evening, company prepared a hearty dinner for staff in hotel, during dinner, all of us were laughing and joking , and making happy conversation together. The next day, the staff had free time before lunch, after the special cuisine, we come back Hangzhou.

Although this SPA trip was so short, there were chummy gatherings in company. The one thing we look forward to be development of our company in 2015, and to provide our customers with a more diverse and sophisticated products and services.

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