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2018 K2 TECH Mid-year Meeting and Group Activities

In July 2018, after a busy first half year, K2 TECH organized all the staff to have a mid-year meeting and kayaking activities in Anji, Zhejiang Province. It is very honored to have the guidance of coach Xu Yaping, the world champion of kayaking.

At 9AM on July 21st, all the staff of K2 TECH gathered at the door of the company and took a group photo. Facing the gentle breeze in the mountains and laughing all the way, we arrived the beautiful Anji city. After a short rest in the hotel, we went to the kayak training base in the afternoon. Under the guidance of professional coaches, we did warm-up exercises before water sports, and then experienced many water kayak activities, such as "free exercise", "team competition", "water tug-of-war", "piano riding".          

At 9AM on July 22nd, the mid-year meeting began. On the first agenda of the meeting, the heads of each department report their work in turn, review and summarize the accomplishment, the achievements and shortcomings of the work in the first half year, and make concrete work arrangements for next half year. On the second agenda of the meeting, on behalf of all thek2 tech people, the leader of K2 TECH expressed warm welcome the new employees. He briefly introduced the basic situation and broad prospects for development of k2 tech. At the same time, He also discussed the theory that "excellence is the great enemy of excellence", "succession" and "hedgehog theory “from the bookHundred Years success inspirational classic. He expressed the hope that each employee can change roles, have better thinking and planning, each new employee can grow as soon as possible and to become the company's young backbone and professional talents.          

Through this group activity, not only it improves Joe K2 TECH personal immunity, alleviate pressure, enhance enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, but also it makes the relationship between colleagues closer. Everyone has expressed that this activity is a valuable asset, and has a positive impact on future work and life.


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