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K2 TECH is a globally leading manufacturer of high- quality machine vision equipment. As a leading specialist for R&D and application of intelligent detection techinology, K2 Tech has provided solution for multiple industries and companies.
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Senior Machine Vision Algorithm Engineer:
Job Duties:
Responsible for designing, developing of machine vision system and algorithm, mainly image processing and algorithm;
New product software technology research and development;
Software training and technical support on customers site;
Conduct user requirement and documentation, assist solution architect & leader to do system design, generate requirement and design specification;
Other task arranged by leader.
MS or BS Degree in software, communication, automation, computer or similar;
3+ years demonstrated experience in image algorithm or similar, familiar with NET/C++, multithreading, Socket and Serial communication;
Experience with image processing, machine vision, Halcon and OpenCV would be a plus;
Good problem solving and troubleshooting skills, detail oriented ability to work in a team and good learning skills;
Can afford long time travel and hard pressure work.
Sales Engineer:
Job Duties:
Complete product sales task of appointed region or industry;
Explore new markets, develop new customers and broaden sales area;
Afford some technical support work and conducts technical communication with customers;
Responsible for collecting market and industry information to enhance understanding.
Excellent sales ability and sales concept, strong learning ability, challenging spirit and good character;
Bachelor degree or above, major in automation, electromechanical, measurement and control, etc.
Familiar with industrial automation equipment sales;
Should have basic understanding of computer software or hardware technology;
Experience with industrial testing, machine vision, image processing, automation and other related industries would be a plus.
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