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(Manaslu-R20)Soft Capsule Appearance Defects Inspection Equipment
Product description
  • inspecting defects of oval-shaped soft capsules for deformation, oversize,
    bubble, black spots/foreign bodies, broken/tiny hole, bad seams etc.

  • Automatically feeding, ordering, inspecting by photographing and sorting NG products.

  • Material shortage warning, abnormal conditions warning, counting boxes.

  • User friendly industrial touch screen interface is adopted for easy operation, lower the demands 
    of operators’ cultural level.

  • Adopt the latest embedded no-fan industrial computer with small volume, to avoid computer crash 
    caused by environmental factors.

  • Separate image system and drive system, with double layers of electrical protection, to protect
    precise components from broken.

  • Reliable imported pneumatic components are used, whose service life is three times longer than 
    the domestic ones.

  • Enable to run 7*24 hours continuously.

Technical indicators
Detection of defects Abnormal shape, size tolerance, bubbles, black spots / foreign body, oil leakage, oil leakage, damage / hole, color mixing, seams and other defects.
Check the size Olive soft capsule: diameter 7 ~ 10mm, length 12 ~ 15mm.
Mold specifications The adaptation range of the die hole is: diameter ± 1mm, length ± 1.5mm.
Detection accuracy Size measurement accuracy ±0.1mm
Spots and bubbles minimum detection size 0.2x0.2mm
Optical resolution 0.05mm Mean time to failure 10000h
Detection speed ≥90.000 grains / hour Power 2000W
Equipment power 220V,50HZ Equipment gas source 0.5~0.8MPa
size and weight 2m * 1m * 2m / 150kg
Host working environment 5 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius; humidity less than 70.
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