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(Manaslu-C30)Hard Capsule Appearance Defects Inspection Equipment
Product description
  • Fit for transparent capsules, semi-transparent capsules, color capsules, and plant capsules. 

  • High inspecting efficiency, the maximum value of inspecting speed as of 140,000pcs per hour.

  • Inspect by 360 degree all-round, covering both ends of capsule, no blind area and high accuracy.

  • Changeable inspection standards to meet customers’ individual needs.

  • User friendly industrial touch screen interface is adopted for easy operation.

  • Reliable imported pneumatic components are used, and the service life is three times
    longer than local counterpart.

  • Adopt the latest embedded no-fan industrial computer with small volume, to avoid computer

    crash caused by environmental factors.

  • Separate image system and drive system, with double layers of electrical protection, to protect 
    precise components from broken.

  • Enable to run 7*24 hours continuously.

Technical indicators
Detection of defects Black spots, bubbles, breaches, holes, cracks, shreds, double sets, short cap, cap length, short body, long body, internal foreign matter, uneven thickness, monolithic, Plum head, the top concave, deformation, color mixing and so on.
Test specifications 00#、0#、1#、2#、3#、4#
Detection accuracy 0.05mm Mean time to failure 10000h
Detection speed 140,000 capsules / H power 2000w
Equipment power 220V, 50HZ Equipment gas source 0.5~0.8MPa
size and weight 1.8m*0.8m*1.5m / 200kg
Host working environment 5 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius; humidity less than 70.
Other features Real-time display capsule appearance quality and testing status, equipment failure, lack of material automatic alarm, and support for remote debugging.
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