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Aircraft rudder wing precision measurement equipment (Nanga-T20)
Product description
Product use
  Aircraft rudder airfoil precision measuring device is used for measuring a non-standard components of special equipment. The main purpose of this instrument is to check the coplanarity of the rudder and the airfoil, and whether the swing angle of the rudder surface meets the design requirements.
System principle
  Aircraft rudder airfoil precision measuring device is composed of measuring mechanism, torque mechanism, rotary tooling, reference platform, electrical cabinet, display and system software. The system uses two sets of more than one measuring sensor to simultaneously measure the displacement deviation of the two end faces of a pair of fins, and judges whether the swing angle and the coplanarity are qualified according to the two sets of displacement deviations. Through the above-mentioned automated mechanism, the automatic positioning of the airfoil, automatic application of torque, automatic measurement and other automated processes are realized, thereby improving measurement efficiency and measurement accuracy and reducing human error; and implementing electronic management of measurement data in cooperation with system software.
Technical indicators

Coplanarity measurement accuracy


System MTBF


System work environment

Temperature 22 degrees to 26 degrees, humidity is not more than 70%

Equipment power


Through the hardware configuration and software parameters adjustment, applicable to other models of the rudder airfoil mechanical parameter measurement

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