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In-position stiffness measurement device (Kanche-S40)
Product description
Product use
  In-position stiffness measurement device is a kind of special non-standard instrument used for the rigidity test of components. The main purpose of this instrument is to measure the stiffness of the elastic element in the servo valve and determine whether the rigidity meets the design requirements. Computer control, detection of force sensor and displacement sensor signal, the realization of computer software to detect the data, record and automatically determine the discriminant to complete the computer automatically detects whether the rigidity of the components meet the design requirements of special equipment.
System principle
  In-position stiffness measurement device is composed of 5 components: load loading and measurement module, displacement measurement module, tooling positioning module, electrical control module, measurement and control software. The system uses high-precision linear motor to exert the loading force on the tested workpiece. During loading, the system collects the force in real time through the force sensor, and collects the displacement of the workpiece under test by the transmissive 2D optical displacement sensor in real time. Displacement data, through calculation, can calculate the rigidity of the workpiece, and according to the pre-set range of qualified judge.
Technical indicators
Load force 150g Displacement measurement 545±2.5μm
300g 1090±5μm
Force measurement resolution 0.002N Displacement range 1.2mm
Force measurement accuracy 0.01N Displacement measurement resolution 0.1μm
Loading mechanism positioning accuracy 1μm
measurement accuracy ±0.5μm
Repeat the measurement accuracy 3% Installation requirements 00 marble platform
System work environment Temperature 22 degrees to 26 degrees, humidity is not greater than 70% Equipment power 220V,50HZ
Other functions Chinese test interface, a test data acquisition, processing, test results printing, data storage and management functions.
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