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LCD display defects machine vision testing equipment (Dhaula-Y20)
Product description
  LCD display defects Optical online testing equipment is used to detect LCD screen highlights, black spots and other display defects and display brightness, resolution, contrast and other related parameters of the special equipment. Focus on resolving manual inspection in the wrong seized, missed inspection and some other difficult problems to help customers save labor costs while improving the quality of detection and increase the market competitiveness of products.
  The main features of the device: First, the device uses high-resolution industrial imaging camera array still pictures, do not need auxiliary sports institutions. Second, the device uses a number of high-precision low-distortion 50mm focal length industrial lens, to protect the imaging required field of vision. Third, the device structure is simple, small size, stable and reliable. Fourth, the system integrated low cost, high detection efficiency.
Technical indicators

Test items

Bright spots, black spots, stains, brightness, contrast, effective display size, color points, Mura defects, black lines, white lines, bright and dark uneven.

The largest checkable size

50 inches, screen ratio: 4: 3 or 16: 9.

Suitable LCD screen, cell phone screen Detection speed 5 seconds / piece

Optical resolution


Check the ambient temperature


Equipment power


Detection of relative humidity


Mean time to failure




size and weight

0.8m*0.8m*2m / 100kg

Scalable applications

Can complete the detection of different size monitors
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