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SIM card automatic full inspection equipment
Product description
  In today's living standards have increased dramatically, mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives. SIM Kato as an essential part of the phone, but also indispensable. It is reported that in early 2016, the global total of SIM cards has the same total population of the world, reaching 7.3 billion, while the shipments in 2014 reached 4.7 billion and will continue to show an upward trend. To match it, the output of SIM card Cato must also be very impressive.
  SIM Kato in the factory before the need for strict testing size, once the size of the error, SIM card can not be enabled, equal to the phone can not be used normally. At present, most manufacturers of SIM card Katuo still manual measurement to detect, not only the human eye fatigue caused by mistakes, and the speed is very limited. In response, my company based on years of experience in the development and implementation of machine vision testing equipment, in view of this situation, the new launch of the "SIM card automatic full inspection machine." The device can quickly and accurately measure all dimensions of the SIM card holder with the measurement accuracy up to 0.02mm, which can completely eliminate the scrapped SIM card tray due to inaccurate measurements of the SIM card holder. 3600 per hour can be seized, converted labor can reach at least 6 test workers. The device can help SIM card Katuo manufacturers to achieve full automation testing, not only can improve the detection efficiency, but also to protect the quality of the factory products, but also to a large extent, save labor costs.
Technical indicators
Functional requirements SIM card slot length and size measurements and sorting.
Test items Accurate measurement of all dimensions of the SIM card slot.
Testing requirements Workpiece surface clean and consistent color.
examination range L 10~30mm Equipment power 220V,50HZ
measurement accuracy 0.02mm Equipment gas source 0.5~0.8MPa
Detection speed 3600 / hour working environment Temperature 5 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees, humidity less than 70
Mean time to failure 10000 h Equipment size Length 1000mm * width 650mm * height 1760mm
Other features Real-time display detection status and the number of NG alarm.
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