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Spiral filament automatic image detection equipment (Kanche-M10)
Product description
  With the development of social technology and the progress of civilization, the filament manufacturing industry demands more and more precise specifications of the filament, the parameters of the filament specification directly affect the life and quality of the lamp, and improve the measurement accuracy and accuracy of the filament, Is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, creating credibility and brand the only way. The traditional filament specification testing and measurement, there is a low degree of automation, accuracy is not high, low measurement efficiency, test parameters are not flexible, the lack of data support for product quality and other shortcomings. The "Helical Filament Automatic Image Detector" developed by Chigori technology applies machine vision technology to the field of filament measurement and specification testing, overcomes the shortcomings of traditional filament specification inspection and measurement, improves the accuracy and accuracy of measurement, and provides flexible measurement The automation of the entire measurement process has been achieved and is now successfully applied in the filament manufacturing business.
System principle
  Based on the machine vision of the screw filament automatic image detector, the IPC, measurement gantry, monitors, foot switches, keyboard and mouse. The device uses an industrial camera to capture the image signal of the filament, optimize the design through optical imaging and lighting systems to improve image quality, use advanced image processing algorithms to measure the major dimensions of the filament, automate the filament detection and better control the quality of the product , And provide data support for the quantitative management of product quality.
Application area
  Filament factory and lamp factory. The device can be used for the detection and measurement of filament size, high degree of automation. The company to undertake the detection and measurement of related fields: precision inner diameter measurement, precision outer diameter measurement, defect detection. With high precision, high detection accuracy. Extended application
  Different specifications of the filament can be measured and tested.
Technical indicators

Measurement items

Filament appearance size measurement, including the total length of the filament, the large number of threads, large thread margin, large thread diameter, large thread center distance, small thread diameter, small thread pitch, left and right angle, left length, right length, left and right Length difference and other appearance size data.

Check the size

Length 5 ~ 22mm, height 1 ~ 4mm

Test speed

1 piece / second

measurement accuracy


Detection accuracy


Mean time to failure


Equipment power


rated power


Operating temperature


Working humidity


working environment

Do not have corrosive gas, dust; Do not directly wet the water and oil; Do not have direct sunlight.


1. Different types of filament can be measured and testing; 2. Can display the filament image on the display, and the measured appearance size information; 3. Foot switch can be used to measure the trigger.

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