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Solar backplane appearance defects on-line detection system (Dhaula-S10)
Solution Description
System principle
  Based on machine vision, solar backboard appearance defect online detection system consists of image acquisition unit, image processing unit, human-computer interaction unit and external communication module. The line scan camera is used to collect the image signal of the continuous moving backplane. The optical imaging and illumination system are optimized to improve the image quality. The image preprocessing and defect analysis algorithm are used to realize the real-time on-line detection of defects. The system can accurately identify appearance defects such as bright spots, dark spots and uneven brightness. Through the real-time detection of appearance defects and the recording and analysis of defect data, the system can effectively control the quality of products and realize the quantitative statistics and analysis of product quality.
Application area
  Solar backplane and related fields of manufacturing enterprises. The equipment can be connected with the backplane production equipment or cutting equipment for online testing, high degree of automation.
Extended application
  The system can be applied to a variety of large-format appearance defects on-line testing. Suitable for EVA film, printing, PCB, metal, textile, glass and other industries, with high precision, high detection accuracy.
Technical indicators
Product number Qogori-L10 Qogori-L20
Features Film appearance defects detection, including foreign body (including flying insects, mosquitoes, hair, etc.), bright spots (caused by surface damage, uneven thickness, etc.), dark spots, stains and scratches
Can detect different thickness and width specifications of the film
Bad product warning and system fault alarm
Provide a quality analysis report for each roll of film
Camera height and vision adjustment
Product model and testing parameters set
Check results and statistics
Technical indicators Detect the breadth 600mm 1100mm
Detection speed 2 meters / second 2 meters / second
Optical resolution 0.15mm 0.15mm
Camera configuration 1 * 4K linear array of industrial cameras 2 * 4K linear industrial camera
monitor 17 'industrial display
Host High-performance industrial computer
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