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Valve Defect Automatic Inspection Device (Choyo-Q40)
Solution Description
Overall function
  1, the device automatically feeding, sorting, photo detection and NG sorting.
  2, the device has a lack of material alarm, abnormal alarm, count alarm stop and so on.
  3, the equipment can produce 24 hours of continuous strength and stability requirements; noise is less than 65 dB.
The main software features
  1, model setting function, according to different valve guides to set the template.
  2, parameter setting function, according to the defect category to set the defect standard, the appearance of size settings, the standard color and color settings.
  3, the software system can store more than 30 models of product configuration data.
  4, data recording and statistical functions, can record different models, different batches of qualified products / NG product quantity and other data, and according to the pre-set conditions (model, batch, time, etc.) for inquiries and statistics.
  5, user management capabilities, to create and manage internal user accounts, users are divided into two types of operators and administrators role.
Technical indicators
Features To achieve the detection and sorting of the appearance defects of the catheter workpiece
Detection of defects The upper and lower end of the collapse, chamfer detection; catheter outer circle 360 degrees detection, defects include cylindrical wound, indentation and chamfering.
Check the size Outer diameter 8~12 mm
length 35~45mm
Optical resolution 0.05mm Equipment gas source 0.5~0.8MPa
Detection speed Not less than 7200 pieces / hours Equipment power 220V,50HZ
Mean time to failure 10000h Host working environment Temperature 5 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees, humidity less than 70
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