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Bevel tooth appearance defect optical automatic detection machine (Choyo-O10)
Solution Description
  Based on the machine vision bevel tooth appearance defect optical automatic detection machine, which consists of automatic feeding and conveying mechanism, high-speed imaging module, machine vision detection module and automatic sorting mechanism. The industrial camera is used to collect the image signal of the bevel tooth. The optical imaging and illumination system are optimized to improve the image quality. The image pretreatment can improve the edge detection accuracy. By detecting and classifying the appearance defects of the bevel teeth, the system replaces the artificial visual inspection, improves the quality of products produced online, and conducts more accurate statistical analysis of the quality.
Technical indicators
Features Achieve the appearance of tooth bevel gear defects detection and sorting
Test items Upper surface crush, scratches, teeth missing teeth, collapse.
examination range Ø 30~60mm,H 5~20mm Testing requirements Workpiece surface clean, no oil
Optical resolution 0.05mm Equipment power 220V,50HZ
Detection speed 3600 / hour Equipment gas source 0.5~0.8MPa
Mean time to failure 10000 hours System work environment Temperature 5 ℃ to 30 ℃; humidity less than 70
Other features Real-time display detection status and the number of NG alarm
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