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Engine Sprocket Appearance Defective Optical Automated Inspection Machine (Lhotse-O40)
Solution Description
  Sprocket appearance defects Optical automatic testing machine used to detect the appearance of large-size defects, identify the characters on the workpiece and automatic sorting. Appearance defects detected include collapse, less teeth, stomata, trachoma, cracks, bump, mixed material; can recognize characters such as English and Arabic numerals. The device uses an industrial robot to increase the flexibility and adaptability of the device, as compared with other devices in the fixed mechanism to detect more different types of workpieces.
  Based on machine vision sprocket appearance defect optical automatic detection machine, which consists of automatic feeding and conveying mechanism, high-speed imaging module, machine vision detection module and automatic sorting mechanism. The industrial camera is used to collect the image signals of the sprocket under test. The optical imaging and illumination system are optimized to improve the image quality. The image pretreatment improves the edge detection accuracy. The system realizes the identification and classification of the appearance defects of the tested sprocket, thus replacing the manual visual inspection, improving the product quality of the online production and performing more accurate quality statistical analysis. Compared with other detection methods, it not only has the advantages of low cost, high speed, simple operation, high detection precision and adaptability to many kinds of workpieces, at the same time it liberates the labor force and improves the automation level of enterprise production, thus enabling enterprises to adapt to the new situation The management mode and efficient production mode.
Technical indicators
Device function To achieve the engine sprocket less teeth, collapse, cracks, characters, bump, mixing and other defects identified and sorted.
Test items Crash, Teeth, Stoma, Trachoma, Crack, Bump, Mixture, Character.
examination range Ø 75-115mm, the height of the workpiece height range H5 ~ 40mm; characters no less than seven characters
Optical resolution 0.1mm Testing requirements Workpiece surface clean, no oil.
Detection accuracy 0.3mm Mean time to failure 10000 hours
Detection speed 900 / hour Equipment power 220V,50HZ
Detection accuracy Qualified product detection accuracy of 100%; misclassified false positive rate of less than 5% of the total. Equipment gas source 0.5~0.8MPa
Other features 1, real-time display detection status and the number of NG alarm 2, the device software with remote technical support System work environment Temperature 5 ℃ to 35 ℃; humidity less than 70
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