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SIM card slot size automatic detection program
Solution Description
Device function
  SIM card slot measurement 7 full inspection size:
  Card slot A - 2.20 / 2.92 / 12.43 / 15.57 / 1.10 / 18.76 / 11.50
  Card slot B - 2.34 / 2.99 / 12.43 / 15.71 / 1.10 / 19.14 / 11.50
Technical indicators
Functional requirements Complete SIM card slot size measurement and automatic sorting of defective products
Test items Length size, width size, thickness size
examination range L10~20mm, H 1~3mm Detection speed 1800 pieces / hour
Workpiece requirements The workpiece surface is uniform metal color, to keep the product clean, no oil
System testing accuracy Length and width detection accuracy of 0.01mm & nbsp; thickness detection accuracy of 0.05mm
System MTBF 10000 hours Equipment power 220V,50HZ
Equipment gas source 0.5~0.8MPa Detection speed 1800 pieces / hour
Data statistics function Real-time display detection status and the number of NG alarm; total measurement and NG total statistical functions; statistical analysis of measurement data; equipment with remote technical support functions
System work environment Temperature: 10 ° C to 30 ° C Humidity: & lt; 80% Rh Equipment appearance color Electrical box color (milky white color)
Equipment size L * W * H - about 1200 * 1200 * 1650mm, weighs about 100kg
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