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High-quality after-sales service
After-sales service
Qogori technology always put Customer's satisfaction On the first place,Every day with their own professionalism and enthusiasm
for customer All-round、 Efficient of Technical support and service,Escort for customer needs。
  • 24 hour response,72 hours to the scene
    During the warranty period, Chogori Technology provides free maintenance for non-human-caused failures of the equipment. Within 24 hours after receiving notification of customer equipment failure, it will decide whether to send technicians to the customer site according to the circumstances. If it is necessary to dispatch engineering and technical personnel, Case within 72 hours to the customer site for free services.
  • Major technical issues 48 hours to the scene
    After the application system is put into trial operation, in case of major technical problems, Chogori will arrive at the site of the user within 48 hours to ensure the normal operation of the system.
  • Independent archives,Regularly track service
    Qogori technology for each customer to create a dedicated technical support files, take the initiative to consult service requests, regular tracking service.
  • Regular optimization and maintenance service
    After the application system is put into normal operation, in order to ensure the normal and healthy operation of the new system and timely solve the practical problems that occur during the operation of the system, Chogori will regularly guide the customer on site and solve the problems of further commissioning, system optimization and system maintenance.
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Frequently Asked Question
  • Q:What is the accuracy of device identification? How to calculate?
    A:Resolution = Resolution * Effective Pixels. If the conditions do not allow the actual test observations, the general rule is that if you are using front lighting, the number of effective pixels is 1, the backlight is used, and the number of effective pixels is 0.5.
  • Q:What is the height of the part that can be identified?
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