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(Manaslu-P30)Dropping Pills Appearance Defect Inspection Equipment
Product description

1.  Commonly used for appearance defects detection of dropping pills, whose common defects includes bubble, empty capsule, solid, rust, oil leakage, large size, smaller size, mixed up,

2.  black spots and out of roundness, etc.

3.  Add a new industrial hand mechanism, to achieve 360-degree comprehensive testing.

4.  Adopt multi-channel parallel detection, effectively improve inspection speed, the minimum detection rate as of 120,000pcs/h.

5.  Machine model for single defect detection can be customized, detection rate as of 50~80 million pcs/hour, which has reached the global testing level.

6.  Mechanical sorting function can be extended, to prevent the deformation capsule from disturbing the testing environment of afterwards procedure.

7.  Automatically loading, sorting, photograph and NG sorting.

8.  User friendly industrial touch screen interface is adopted for easy operation.

9.  Enable to run 7*24 hours continuously.

Technical indicators

The main test items

Bubbles, and pills, cap pills, empty pills, solid, spots, trailing, oil spill, small holes, large, small, eccentric, mixing, black spots, holes, roundness is not full and other appearance defects .

examination range

Ф2-5mm (need to adjust the optical system and tooling).

Detection speed

120.000 pieces / h

Equipment power

Optical resolution 0.05mm

Equipment gas source


measurement accuracy


Detection of relative humidity


Mean time to failure


Check the ambient temperature


size and weight

2m×1m×2m / 150kg

Other features

The device real-time display detection status and NG number alarm, the software has remote technical support capabilities.
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